Pylopass – 100 capsules – 50 days supply!


If you or someone you know suffers with stomach or duodenal ulcers, here is some great news.There is a new natural way to treat them that means that you do not have to take two or three antibiotics and a PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitor).Pylopass is a game changer in the natural treatment of peptic ulcers.

“Just wanted to let you know that I’m very happy with this product and am ‘spreading the word’ so to speak.


Pylopass is certainly far better than the antibiotic treatment I had over a year ago. I wish I  (or the Gastroenterologist) knew about Pylopass before taking the antibiotics.


Many thanks”


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Pylopass is a safe, natural product to help maintain normal levels of bacteria in the stomach and duodenum.


o No diarrhoea

o No taste disturbances

o Quality production and purity assured

o Does not contribute to the global threat of antibiotic resistant strains

Naturally Effective

o Helps your natural digestive process to maintain normal H. pylori load

o Kind to the natural microflora balance in your stomach

o Effective within the acidic environment of the stomach (unlike probiotics)

Quick Acting – Long Lasting


o Potency is not reduced by shipment or storage or reduced by strong stomach acids

Simple to Take 1 capsule twice per day