Who we are – and what we do

Over the past 17 years, Neil and his team have helped many thousands of clients back to health, when their situations seemed impossible.

The motivation for all enterprises associated with gutdoctor is:

  • Helping you to get well
  • Understanding your problems
  • Supporting you every step of the way

Our desire is to inform the public about good gut health, and provide safe natural health products that support digestive and immune health.
In a market where hype so often outstrips results, we

  • guarantee to do our utmost to provide you with high quality and effective products, at a reasonable price. We also
  • guarantee to give you as much support as we can on your road back to health.

And, should you need to get in touch with our front-of-house team, they are…

Dr Peter Mukherji MB BS DCH FRCP FRCGP MFHom DipMedAc

We are delighted to welcome Dr Peter Mukherji who has joined gutdoctor in a consultancy role.
A GP and Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Dr Mukherji is also a qualified homeopath and acupuncturist who believes in integrated healthcare and incorporates complementary approaches into his medical practice. He specialises in chronic conditions.

Neil Wootten, Managing Director, WinningTeam Ltd.

Neil is a qualified Sports Scientist and a doctor of Nutritional Sciences with many years experience in Nutrition and Health related fields. For example, he has instituted many successful weight loss programs. With regard to nutrition, Neil started work in the Health Food Industry in 1987. He continues to update his knowledge by gaining CPD credits each year. Currently he has completed two years of a course to become a naturopathic practitioner.

Now for the detail… www.gutdoctor.com, is a subsidiary of Winning Team Ltd in New Zealand.
Winning Team Ltd (NZ) is a marketing company that specialises in retailing nutritional supplements, to the world, via the internet.
But, as the behind-the-scenes guys, you are probably less interested in Winning Team Ltd (NZ), than in the people that you will speak to, when you are seeking advice, or requesting assistance.
As specialists in marketing over the web, Winning Team Ltd (NZ) recognise that you want to be confident that you are getting the right product, at the right price, and that if there are any questions or queries, a knowledgeable human being is on hand, with whom you can speak.
In short, we recognise that what customers want is to be able to trust the gutdoctor web site to provide them with prompt, efficient and courteous service! After all, that is what we all seek, when we set out to purchase something!  Remember, we want to help you get well, understand your problems and support you.
To ensure that you get the very best nutritional advice and after care service, we have established a wholly separate fulfilment company, called Winning Team UK Ltd, in the United Kingdom. Why do this? we hear you ask. Why place the advice line in another hemisphere?

The answer is simple!
We found a group of individuals, whom we trust to give you the very best advice, and whom we trust to keep us on our toes. And, they live in the UK. And, they didn’t want to move! And, given that, via the marvels of modern communication, the UK is as near as the office ‘next door’, it made sense to us to work with the best nutritional consultants, we could find. It also made sense to us to work with experienced customer service staff, upon whom we could rely, rather than simply opting for those who were ‘geographically convenient’.
Hence, the gutdoctor ‘front-of-house’ team, in the guise of Winning Team UK Ltd, is on-hand to give you all the advice that you require. And to keep all aspects of the gutdoctor service honed to the peak of perfection.
Because, in our view, making all gutdoctor customers happy is a long-term investment in the future…both yours…and ours….
Here at gutdoctor, we are on your side, and our main aim is to get you well again. All our key front-of-house staff have been sufferers from gut problems themselves, so they understand how you feel. In liaison with practitioners and scientists, we only stock products that actually work and have solid, credible science behind them. We search the world sourcing new and effective products to help people like you, who are often at the end of their tether struggling to get well. We check the manufacturer’s claims thoroughly both by research and by our own experience before we recommend any product as a viable treatment.

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