Success Stories

Nutritional Practitioners love Candigest Plus and what it does for their clients:

‘I love your Candigest Plus for myself and my clients, it deals with the problem straight away.’ Annette Hurn BHSc (Nut Med) Adv Dip Nat

K. Baker notes ” Candigest Plus has never let me down with my clients in the years that I have been using it.”

and Health Food stores love it too:

P. Hilton from Natural Choice said, “Candigest Plus has far outperformed any other supplement for this condition over the years we have been selling it.”

D-lactate free probiotics:

“Hi, My son has been taking your probiotics for the last 3 months along with a change in his diet and he is doing briliantly! We are running really low and I don’t want to run out. Thanks very much.”

A. Clark

Glutenase Plus:

“Thank you for the Glutenase. Finally something that works! It was like magic. We are so thrilled that ow I don’t have to cook without what and we can buy normal bread. The main problem now is reminding my husband that he isn’t actually cured and that he must remember to take the enzyme before he heats! Anyway why did we have to wait 40 years for this and why doesn’t everyone, esp doctors, know about it? I must say that my husband tried the glutenase today and it was amazing. No problems at all. He has really missed eating proper bread and is so cheered by this result which means he can have normal food. Makes life a lot easier for me, the cook, too. We are so thrilled.Thanks so much.”


“Thank you for the quick turn around of your products. I am very impressed. I have tried the lactase capsules that you sent with my very first order and they are very good. I am very pleased with the Glutenase Plus caps. Finally I can eat products with wheat etc in the ingredients. I have found that even chicken, meat and eggs have been off limits if they have been fed with wheat. I have passed your website around to other sufferers with wheat allergies so hope that they will contact you. Keep up the good work. Ps. I am going to be travelling around Australia for the next 6 months or so and the tablets will be very handy especially in the outback. Regards,”


Candida Programme:

Thank you for a copy of the Anti-Candida Programme. It is so positive and inspiring. I thought I would have to live like this for the rest of my life. I’ve had the symptoms for years but did not know what was causing it. After going to numerous Naturopaths, doctors etc I was still in the dark. I’ve only recently found out why I feel so tired, fog brained, chronic fatigued, food addictions etc. I’m looking forward to the products and successfully tackling the candida overgrowth problem.Thank you once again.


Candigest Plus & Candida Overgrowth
Three years ago, Shelley, 28, was diagnosed with chronic candida overgrowth.
“I suffered from severe symptoms for years: bloating, stomach cramps, nausea, lack of energy, feeling spaced out and pins and needles in my hands and feet. I constantly felt as though I was coming down with the ‘flu. No matter how carefully I followed a balanced diet, I was losing weight.

After undergoing a colonoscopy, I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. No-one gave me any advice so I steadily became worse. I gave many foods, like potatoes and pulses. As a result of such a restricted diet I felt extremely tired and frail.

A friend who specialized in natural medicine suggested I try Candigest Plus. Within a week my symptoms disappeared.”
– Shelley Heppolette

Immunecare Colostrum & ME

Maria was diagnosed with ME in May 2003.

“I was relieved to find out I really did have a medical condition but there was no treatment offered to improve my health. When I researched the condition on the internet, the outlook seemed very bleak.”

“Having tried just about everything and anything I could to improve my condition, I was at an all time low.”

In June this year, Maria read about Immunecare Colostrum. Maria still felt she had to try the supplement for herself.

“I haven’t changed my diet or lifestyle and have been taking Immunecare Colostrum for 3 months now, and I feel a completely different person. My energy levels have returned to normal and the headaches are gone.”

“Immuncare Colostrum has helped me get my life back to normal.”
– Maria Kerr

Candigest Plus & Candida Overgrowth
“I am continually astounded by the way in which you provide both help and support. Your Candigest is the only product that has relieved me from my horrific Candida. It has succeeded where all else has failed. Iwould still be very ill today if it were not for Immunecare.”
– Melissa Xavier

Candigest Plus & Candida Overgrowth
“I am 24 years old and have had chronic fatigue / ME since the age of eight.
One of the side effects is that I have suffered from candida. However thanks to your candigest I no longer have any troubles with candida – so I really want to say a BIG THANKYOU!”
– Joanna Hudson

Lactoferrin & URTI’s
“I have been using Immunecare Lactoferrin supplement for the last two years both personally and for my clients. Its excellent immune supporting effect has helped prevent the upper respiratory tract infections that blight so many. We have found that Immuncare really does help keep us protected throughout the year, and particularly through periods of stress either in sport or the workplace.”
– Roz Kadir RN Dip ION MSc

Colostrum & CFS
“The effect of colostrum on my wife was noticeable in the first 10 days of taking it.”
– David Hall

Colostrum, Lactoferin & ME
Lynn Barrow developed a number of chronic medical conditions including M.E. This meant that she was prescribed over 30 pharmaceutical tablets and three injections per day.

Lynn began taking Immunecare Colostrum and Lactoferrin. She went from having no energy to being able to lead a more normal life. Her Consultant is amazed at her recovery, and Lynn has significantly reduced the medications that she takes.

“Thank you for helping me… to enjoy an improved quality of life”
– Lynn Barrow

Custom Probiotics & Crohn’s
“I thought that I should let you know of my progress with respect to my crohn’s colitis and your Probiotics. In a couple of words I can say that they are “extremely effective”.

As a surgeon I know the body is a great healer provided we help it along. Your treatments… work naturally and effectively.

Carry on the good work of supplying first class products!
– David, London, U.K.

Other Successes:
‘ Immunecare products have really helped with my IBS, and I don’t suffer with it any more.’
– Sue Reeves

“Just to let you know I have been taking Immunecare Colostrum since June, and it has really helped my fatigue, and lessened the number of infections I have picked up. Many thanks.”
– Mrs G McKee

“I have been taking your Immunecare Colostrum since July, and I feel so much better.”
– Peta Morton

“I was confined to bed with ME for 7 months, but now after taking Immunecare Colostrum and CP-1 probiotics, I am up and about and able to do the housework!”
– Mrs B Bonner

“I have been using IMMUNECARE LACTASE PLUS and IMMUNECARE GLUTENASE PLUS for a few months now and they allow me to eat both lactase and gluten without any issues, I just wish I had discovered them 10 years ago! Many thanks for your liberating products”
– Ian Shapton

“Well, thanks for the e.mail but the tablets arrived yesterday morning! I have been telling all and sundry how bloody wonderful your company is! I will definitely be using you again as I am so impressed… Absolutely amazing.”
– Carole F

Congratulations on an excellent product!
“…my husband has been taking Candigest plus for a while now, with spectacular results.”
Many thanks,
– Yvonne C

“Thank you for you wonderful probiotic!

I am a 45 year old female with Crohn’s Disease since I was 28. Over the years, I’ve used many prescription medications and I’ve had a bowel resection in 1999. All the medicines and treatments seemed to have given me short term relief. About 1 year ago, I started using your Adult CP-1 formula starting a 1 capsule per day. I have experienced much relief since using this product. I informed my Gastroenterologist that I’ve been using this and he said “ok”. Using a probiotic was never mentioned to me by any of my Physicians. I found out about this product by a Nutritionist. A few weeks ago I had my yearly colonoscopy and was told that my disease is “not” progressing since last years colonoscopy. This is a huge positive for me. I will continue to use this product and possibly increase the dose to see if a higher concentration works better for me. I feel like this has given me more energy, and is positively affecting my disease and my overall wellness. I don’t feel as tired as I used to feel. Hopefully in the future I might be able to decrease or even discontinue all the prescription drugs I currently take. I have nothing but good things to say about this product.

Thank you!!”
– Bobbie, Pennsylvania

“I just wanted to tell you how effective I think your CP-1 formula is. I have Lyme disease and have been taking your probiotics in between my antibiotics and herbs for about 2 months. I think they really keep my gut in line now. They seemed to have also straightened it out from before the antibiotics, when I wasn’t feeling well almost constantly. I tried some of the other brands of probiotics but they didn’t seem to be potent enough. I usually take one at night before bed, a few hours after my evening antibiotic dose.

They seem to help. Just thought I’d drop a line. Thanks.

For seven years I was unable to tolerate ANY dairy products without breaking out with red swelling and ugly, itchy blisters on my forehead. After trying custom probiotics CP-1 formula, 3 capsules a day, I am now able to enjoy all kinds of dairy products without any ill effects. It’s like being let out of a prison. I’m very happy with the results.

– Barbara Jean Pearce

“Your product has literally saved my life. Anyone who has suffered from Crohn’s can tell you, the pain is unbearable. I was at the end of my rope. The conventional medicines had not worked, nor had they stopped the bloody diarrhea, which had gotten so frequent that I was literally too weak to do anything. In July, 2003 I was awaiting my second Remicade infusion when I came across your web site. I had nothing to lose, so I tried your Adult Formula CP-1. I began with four capsules three times/day and noticed an improvement in two days, yet I still suffered from cramping and bloody diarrhea, yet milder. You then sent me the powder form , which I mixed one scoop with water three times per day and THE NEXT DAY THE PAIN, THE DIARRHEA AND THE BLOOD were gone. About a week of being on the powder form, and feeling better than I had felt in a year, my doctor performed a sigmoidoscopy and said “this is not the same colon, it’s gone”.

I have now been off all Cohn’s medicine (Colozal, Pentasa, Entecort) since November 26, 2003 and have never felt better. My doctor has no other explanation for my recovery, it has to be the probiotics.

Thank you..”
– Vicky Schofield

“Your CP-1 has helped my Colitis/Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms.

I had blood and mucous. They are both gone. My stool frequency is more normal, also.

I take 5-6 capsules each day. I have tried many of the top probiotics, but yours are the most

effective for me. As you said, results are the only things that count.

Please continue the good work with the same effective strains of probiotics.


– Tom Biggs

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