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Early Testing Could Limit Risk Of Celiac Disease

Individuals showing the early symptoms of digestive health condition celiac disease have been advised to seek medical attention.

Speaking at Digestive Disease Week 2011, researchers from Finland revealed that diagnosing the illness in its earliest stages could be beneficial for patients, reports.

Scientists from the University of Tampere discovered that sufferers found relief in adopting a gluten-free diet before the symptoms worsened.

Participants who had chosen to remove the substance from their diet were found to display significant mucosal healing as a result.

Senior investigator Katri Kaukinen said: “If we see early signs of disease, why should we wait when we can do something for them now?”

Web MD urges people to familiarise themselves with the symptoms of celiac disease in a bid to reduce the risk of worsening the condition, which can lead to infertility in women.

Patients have been advised to look out for diarrhea, weight loss and flatulence, which are well-known signs of the illness.

Extract: Patients who are displaying symptoms of celiac disease have been urged to seek medical attention.