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Probiotics Improve Digestive Health

A specialist has spoken of the benefits of the bacteria.

The use of probiotics can help improve a person’s digestive health, one expert has claimed.

Dr Tan Huck Joo, writing for Asia One, noted they are “live, beneficial bacteria” that help promote a healthy digestive system.

These types of products can absorb nutrients and produce certain vitamins and folic acid.

According to Dr Joo, probiotics also “reduce the effects of harmful toxins and cancer-causing substances produced in the intestines”.

He remarked it is very often a good course of treatment for someone who is suffering from acute gastroenteritis, as it lessens the length of time and the ferocity of diarrhoea caused by the virus.

Dr Joo, president of the Malaysian Society of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, stated individuals who take probiotics can expect to “maintain a healthy digestive system and overall wellbeing”.

An example of such an option is Adult formulation CP-1, which according to the manufacturers contains five superior tried and tested strains of acid resistant freeze-dried probiotic microorganisms.