Candigest Plus Pack Two with Lactoferrin


Candida Pack with added Lactoferrin Xtra for biofilm and added antimicrobial activity.

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Immunecare Colostrum Super - Now even stronger - minimum 40% IgG

If Echinacea is a soldier fighting to keep the body’s immune system healthy, then Colostrum is a complete army. In fact, it has 37 immune factors and a dozen growth factors that help repair skin, bones, muscle and connective tissue to help keep our bodies young and offer superb immune support.

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Candigest Plus 120

Candigest Plus Kills Candida

"Candigest Plus has far outperformed any other supplement for this condition over the years we have been selling it."

P. Hilton from Natural Choice.

Do you suffer from abdominal pain, gas, bloating, indigestion, bad breath, skin rashes, allergies, muscle aches, cold hands and feet, thrush, depression, irritability and difficulty in concentrating? If so, you may have candida overgrowth.

For more information on candida overgrowth symptoms, (also known as Candidiasis; Candida dysbiosis; or simply Candida) click here. We have been helping people successfully deal with Candida overgrowth for 12 years.


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Custom Probiotics CP-1 Adult Formula probiotic capsules

Our Custom Probiotics CP-1 formulation are available in capsules and contain around 98 billion bacteria per capsule at time of manufacture, verified by independent laboratory testing. This count is much higher than those claimed by most probiotic products on the market today.

Adult formulation CP-1 contains five superior tried and tested strains of acid resistant freeze-dried probiotic microorganisms These strains are L. Acidophilus, L.Rhamnosus,L. Plantarum, B. Lactis and B. Bifidum, and are most specifically helpful to the small and large intestines. To be effective we have found that a probiotic supplement should have a high bacterial count and a blend of different genera.

Custom Probiotics CP-1 represents exceptional value, as each billion bacteria costs 0.5p. This is compared to typical shop bought probiotics which may cost up to 20 times more per billion bacteria.

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Lactoferrin Xtra

Lactoferrin is a natural defensive protein present in the body. Immunecare Apo  Lactoferrin has three to four times the iron binding capability of standard Lactoferrin. Studies indicate that it is particularly superior to normal Lactoferrin in improving bone density and the repair of intestinal epithelial cells.In her book on the H5N1 virus, 'The Survivor's Guide to Bird Flu', Professor Jayney Goddard notes that Lactoferrin is very useful against influenza. She describes how Lactoferrin increases mucosal immunity, which is vital for resisting viruses, and reduces inflammation, which is one of the ways viruses cause such a problem to the body.

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Candida Pack Two uses an effective four pronged approach to natural yeast management:

  • Colostrum to support gut membrane integrity and support healthy immune function
  • Candigest Plus for natural yeast management
  • CP-1 to repopulate the gut with beneficial bacteria and supporting normal gut pH levels
  • LactoferrinXtra for added targeted immune support.

And it is not only used by members of the public. Candigest Plus is trusted by practitioners and therapists for their clients.

Nutritional Practitioners love Candigest Plus and what it does for their clients:

K. Baker notes ” Candigest Plus has never let me down with my clients in the years that I have been using it.”

Remember if you would like to talk to a knowledgeable Advisor about any of our products, you can call 0044 (0)208 901 6477 to make an appointment for a  FREE telephone consultation.


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